Wood Stoves for Home Heating

In times gone by, friends and family would gather around wood stoves in homes and stores to warm the heart and soul through good company and heat. Today, wood burning stoves are excellent ways to offset heating costs while adding a fantastic charm to any room. Whether you choose to install a stove in a family room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, the entire household will enjoy the beauty and warmth provided by a quality stove. In addition to using renewable resources — wood — to provide heat instead of non-renewable fuels like liquefied propane gas or natural gas, the physical beauty of wood burning in a controlled area is remarkable.

There are many companies that produce quality wood stoves suitable for any space. When looking for a stove to install in your home, consider several aspects before you make your decision. The first aspect to consider when evaluating wood stoves is the size. Stoves are available in several different size, each one directly dependant on the size of the space it will be installed and the amount of heat you expect the stove to produce. Furthermore, the style of stove can make all the difference in your room’s décor. Historic homes will enjoy traditional styles of stoves that combine necessary modern conveniences with a beautiful look. Similarly, sleek, modern stoves will perfectly blend into even the most modern design of home décor. Finally, wood burning stoves are available in a wide variety of colors, from a classic black to a vivid fire engine red.

If you have experienced life with a wood burning stove in the past and enjoyed the beauty and warmth, but could certainly live without the mess, consider a stove equipped with an ash drawer. Instead of having to dig through ash after each fire in order to remove the mess, the ash simply falls into the ash drawer. Once the ash drawer is full, empty the drawer outside to eliminate the mess. Most wood stoves equipped with ash drawers top the drawers with a lid so that the ash will no spill or fly out of the drawer when you go to empty the ash.

In addition to purchasing a wood stove, consider also purchasing a blower. Attached to the top of your stove, a blower works to quickly disperse the hot air produced by the fire to heat your home more efficiently. Although some wood burning stove owners dislike blowers because of the minor noise associated with the mechanism, the majority of stoves used in conjunction with blowers are more efficient and effective. This is especially true if the room you are attempting to heat is large or has high ceilings, a blower can get the heat out of the actual firebox and into your living space.

Wood stoves are fueled with wood that can be chopped from your own backyard. Many individuals sell cords of chopped wood for extremely reasonable prices or even give the wood away. Wood is an extremely affordable option that can be found in virtually all parts of the country. Furthermore, wood can be stored easily and affordably on your property without being potentially harmful to your family, such as storing propane or natural gas.

For individuals looking to warm their house without running sky high energy bills, consider investing in a wood burning stove. In addition to warmth, a stove provides charm and uniqueness to any room or home. Imagine gathering with your family and friends around a cozy stove on cold winter’s nights. Stove the burn wood are perfect for any home in any part of the country, regardless if you experience a day of winter or several long months of Jack Frost’s chilly weather.

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