Wood heating news

Biomass boiler supplies green energy at Ferrum College

Wood heating news

FERRUM,Va. -A new boiler towers more than two stories at Ferrum College. It's helping to provide green energy. No fuel tank is needed It's being ran off of wood chips. "The wood chips are burnt to heat the water and then the water will move into our loop, which is then used for domestic hot

Renewable Heat Energy

using wood pellets

Renewable energy is a way to heat both buildings and homes without the high cost of fossil fuels. As oil prices continue to fluctuate, a new alternative called biomass is steadily becoming a new way for homes and businesses to use at a more affordable rate. Vincent’s heating and fuel service is a small business

Efficient Wood-Pellet Furnaces Gaining Popularity

wood pellets

ATHENS, N.Y.—With the touch of a finger on an iPod-style screen, Eric Besenfelder can monitor and troubleshoot the shiny, wood-pellet furnace that heats Athens Elementary School in the Hudson Valley. Like the smoky, outdoor wood boilers that have proliferated in rural areas over the past 20 years, the wood furnace at Athens is housed in