Soapstone Wood Stoves: Are They A Good Choice?


Soapstone wood stoves are becoming popular choices for heating a home. These stoves are made of a specific product known as steatite which is a talc. But, unlike other stoves, soapstone can provide more heat, longer burning heat as well as a beauty and feel that is unmatched. While the price for these units will be higher than an average wood burning stove, they can often produce a better level of heat, up to 72%, than other models. To some individuals this is an excellent way to cut fuel costs in the long run.

Burning wood is not enough to cut down on your energy bills. To save money, you’ll need to insure that the wood burning stove that you purchase is able to deliver the best quality in wood burning. It comes down to which stove can take that log of wood, burn it the hottest for the longest period of time. If you think all wood burning stoves are the same, you’ll be surprised when these wood stoves prove you wrong.

What They Provide

Soapstone wood stoves can provide a unique feature. The soapstone itself seems to latch on to heat. It can provide a great amount of heat from very little heat. Even after the fire has died off, the unit will still radiate heat from it. In fact, soapstone material can hold twice as much heat as that of iron or steel per pound. The heat is not only hot, but it lasts and lasts making your fuel dollars go farther.

There are some features that make them a more expensive choice though. For example, many of the soapstone stoves that you will find are hand made. While this is a wonderful detail and one that is exceptional, it can also raise prices considerably for your wood stove purchase. Also, many of the pieces come with ornate detail that is very fine and a very good investment in style and taste. But, again, these features can drive prices up.

Yet, on the other hand, it can not be denied that soapstone wood stoves are exceptional in their beauty. They are offered in some of the most amazing colors including blue, blacks, browns and gray and textures and are easy to maintain. They are non absorbent, highly durable and add a lot of character to a home.

The bottom line is always the money though isn’t it? Do soapstone wood stoves provide you with an investment that is a good one? Most of these wood stoves provide excellent value in their features and characteristics. As for burning fuel, this too is an advantage. As mentioned, they can take the same log as a wood burning stove of cast iron and burn it longer and radiate that heat throughout the home for a longer period of time. So, while the initial investment in the stove may be higher, in the end, the soapstone stove is an excellent investment for the wood burner. Select yours based on the features that you enjoy but make sure that the first and most important quality is the soapstone wood stove’s ability to heat your home fully.

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