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Retrofitting home means energy saved

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COTTEKILL – If anyone would be expected to live in an energy-conserving home it's Manna Jo Greene. Greene, after all, built what's called the Sustainable Living Resource Center, a hexagonal meeting place for seminars and discussions on the topic, in her back yard. She's also the environmental action director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc.

UW Team "FireBee" a Double Winner in 2015 Innovation Competition


FireBee, a student team at the University of Washington, won both the $15,000 Grand Prize and the $5,000 Clean Energy Prize yesterday evening in the 2015 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. FireBee has developed an alternative energy source for people who live off the grid. The portable thermoelectric generator turns third-world cooking fires into personal

Foundation™ Platform for Residential Demand Response and Home Energy Management


What makes Foundation a "next-generation" solution? The input we received helped Energate's product management and engineering teams understand the feature set utilities needed in a comprehensive home energy management (HEM) system. Many of these features already existed in the solutions currently available, including programmable communicating thermostats (PCTs) and in-home displays (IHDs). There were other features,

Navigate the New Water Heater Standards and Identify Alternative Solutions

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New water heater regulations go into effect on April 16, and property managers will have to make adjustments the next time they have to repair or replace existing water heaters. According to the standards announced by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2010, all water heaters manufactured after April 15 must carry higher energy-efficiency ratings.



Climate change has become a phrase that can spark a debate in no time at all. The debate of whether or not mankind is speeding up the process of global warming has become not a question of science any more, but a political statement. While this topic does seem to rile controversy, should it? Considering

TVA may import wind power from Texas, Oklahoma

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The developers of one of America’s biggest wind power transmission lines hope to bring wind energy from Oklahoma and Texas to the Tennessee Valley over a 700-mile transmission line. Developers have spent the past six years planning and trying to get regulatory approval for the $2 billion project, but it’s expected to take at least

Showers waste huge amounts of energy and water

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You know that moment well: You’ve turned on the shower, but there’s no way you’re getting into it quite yet. The water’s not hot enough. So you start your routine, whatever it is — doing some chores, answering some emails — while the water runs and runs, much of it already hot. Shower wonks have

Solar power gives homes a boost of energy


Think we don’t get enough sun for solar power here in the frozen north? Think again. "Germany is one of the number one users of solar energy," says Kevin Moore, founder, owner and president of Midwest Wind and Solar in Merrillville. "They get five less solar hours than we do so I tell people who