Alternative Industrial Space Heating

Many companies are considering alternative industrial space heating options. With the cost of energy continuously on the rise it is essential for a company to provide their employees and customers with good quality heating and cooling, but it is also very necessary to cut energy costs whenever possible. The good news is that there are some options available to business owners looking for them. Several things must be kept in mind though when selecting an alternative industrial space heating solution.

First, it is important for the new type of element to still provide the standard or better quality heating for both the customers and for the employees. Customers always need to be kept happy and employees need to be kept working at their highest productivity.

Also, some industries rent or lease the space that they are in. This often stops companies from taking action to lower energy bills because they do not have control over their building’s heating and cooling systems. For example, they can not make a decision to replace ventilation systems or to put in a new air conditioning unit. They can control other types of energy needs such as lights and refrigeration, though. Also, if an alternative industrial space heating product can be paid for through the lessee, then perhaps the landlord would be more considerate of replacing the sytem.

Besides, it can be hard to make a commitment to purchasing expensive new equipment when you are looking to cut back on expenses in energy. Yet, if the systems were utilized, then there would be a large payback to the owner and the user. If they can overcome the initial cost of the units, they can reap long term benefits from using it.

What Can Be Done?

There are some alternative industrial space heating options that can help if these situations can be overcome. Space heating is typically the second highest amount of expense spent on energy in the industrial setting. First and foremost, any heating system, air conditioning or ventilating system that needs to be replaced should always be replaced with an energy efficient model of some sort. The difference in these models can save you a ton on your monthly bills and they can then help your profit margin. For large areas where a portable air conditioner doesn't cut it you will need to look into industrial space heating options.

One method to help as an alternative industrial space heating option is the use of programmable thermostats. Although this is not a new system in itself, it can considerably help to lower costs. If you stop heating an empty building, you can lower those costs quite a bit. Time of day as well as weekends and extended periods of time can be programmed at lower heating cycles to allow for a better controlled energy use.

Another quick fix to the energy needs of a large company can be as simple as keeping the current system in good repair. For example, if indeed there is a repair that is needed, you may be tempted to turn up the temperature in one location to compensate for the lack of heat in another. Although this may be a band aid fix until you can get that repair, it is quite heavily impacting your bottom line as well. Keep your bills in check by keeping the system running at its very best.

Alternatives To Consider

Although these are temporary fixes until you do replace your current heating source, you may want to take the time to do just these things. Yet, to reap the rewards of much lower energy costs, you should consider other options in heating as well as those that you are currently using. For example, a geothermal heating system using heat from the Earth’s soil to heat a building. This is a natural, renewable source of energy. Another option that should be considered is solar heating. Using the sun’s powerful rays to heat water or to heat a building is exceptional and quite cost effective. Finally, more and more warehouse owners and managers are opting for highly efficient furnaces using alternative renewable energies like corn. If your facilies are located in an agricultural region, this might well be a very good option, since heating with corn is nowadays the cheapest way of warming an industrial space.

In short, to improve your bottom line, you can keep a close eye on your energy usage. As prices keep increasing, you’ll be more and more tempted to look for alternative industrial space heating like these options. With the use of the alternatives, you may find that not only your fuel costs can diminish, but your needs for repairs and continuously unhappy customers and employees will diminish as well. When the time comes to repair the broken product, carefully consider several alternative industrial space heating options.


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