Green Living with Corn Stoves

corn stoves

Concerned about non-renewable resources? By using corn stoves, homeowners can effectively and efficiently heat their home, office, or any other interior space without eliminating other resources that may prove necessary to future generations. Since corn can be grown and harvested season after season, the renewability is a fact, not a proposition.

For folks looking to change their style of living over to the green side of living, corn is an excellent option that works as great as it looks. Instead of trying to heat your home or water supply using solar panels that may work well in theory, corn stoves are truly the real deal!

The idea of corn stoves probably has you scratching your head. Some people think corn stoves are powered by burning the cob of the corn, but that is the exact opposite of the truth. Instead of burning the cob, corn stoves burn the cut kernel of dried corn. Usually, this corn was originally grown for animal feed, but the kernels sold as biomass energy have been turned down by the feed processors.

If allowing animal feed-denied kernels into your home does not bode well, consider that the main reason why the corn was dismissed was due to the small size or the burnt appearance. Also, know that no livestock will go hungry on your account, as fuel corn is actually helping the planet by destroying the excess kernels in a clean and useful manner. Everyone benefits when corn stoves are used to heat homes.

You may think burning corn as a biomass energy source sounds a little unbelievable to work. Consider the fact that Midwesterners have been using corn stoves for over fifteen years to heat their homes. Giving these hearty residents of the country’s midsection credit for heating their homes through some of the toughest winters imaginable, using corn as a fuel is not sounding so bad after all.

The physical stoves come in a variety of sizes and are made by several different manufacturers. Whether you choose a small stove to sit in the corner of your home or a large furnace that will heat your entire house just as a furnace that uses a more traditional fuel, the options are limitless.

Installing a corn stove is quick and easy. Simply vent the stove outside, add corn, and crank up the heat. For larger furnaces, hook the corn burning furnace directly up to your preexisting heat ducts and install a thermostat on the wall—just like gas or electric furnaces. Once you start using corn for heat, you will wonder how you survived a winter without the efficient, clean, and inexpensive method of heating.

Corn burns clean and efficient, allowing you to burn less cash and keep your home at a more suitable temperature for your family during the winter. Also, corn is incredibly clean before, during, and after the burning process, so you do not have to worry about dirty logs or sooty coal messing up your home or the delicate environment.

Another great advantage of choosing corn as a biomass fuel is that the corn comes to you — not the other way around. Instead of spending long hours chopping and piling wood, simply make a call and have the corn delivered directly to your front door. Heating your home has never been simpler.

Ask any Midwesterner and he or she will tell you—corn is the wave of the future. Heat your home the green way by using kernels of corn to keep your family warm, dry, and happy this winter.

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