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How To Keep Your Wood Stove From Starting a Fire (Wood Stove Fire Safety)


Despite ongoing fire safety education, every winter wood stove fires result in new home tragedies that could have been easily prevented. Wood stove fires commonly occur when basic wood stove maintenance is neglected or when common sense fire safety precautions are ignored. Alternative home heating methods become more and more popular as the cost of

The Nuts And Bolts Of Woodburning Stoves


What do you need to know about woodburning stoves before you start using them regularly? If you think it is as easy as purchasing and installing the stove, you are only half right! There is much to think about, though, in the efficiency and safety standards of using these stoves. While they are one of

The advantages of an outdoor corn boilers


Have you considered getting an outdoor corn boiler? With heating costs rising and concern about use of petroleum for heat and energy production, it’s no wonder that more people are beginning to wonder about alternative options for heating their homes. One lesser known heating method is the corn boiler. These outdoor heaters burn renewable fuels,

Things you should know about wood stove inserts


What Are They? Wood stove inserts are inserts that will use a wood stove to heat your home. One of the main reasons for choosing an insert over a stand alone wood stove is that you enjoy the look of your fireplace. But, you may not like how much it costs to use the fireplace.

Small Wood Stoves – Large Range of Stoves for Different Purposes


Small wood stoves are small wood burning heating appliances for a wide range of purposes. Whether you are looking for a fireplace insert, a stand-alone heating device, a portable heating solution for your outdoor or camping needs or for cooking food, you have small woodstoves for all applications. Small stoves are available in a large

Used Wood Stoves: Should They Be Purchased?


Used wood stoves can often be found available in your local classified ads. But, should you purchase them? What could go wrong if you do? Like any product that you purchase that is used, you need to rely on what the user tells you about the condition and quality of the unit. And, not everyone

Cast Iron Wood Stoves: Safe and Eco Friendly Heating Appliances


Cast iron wood stoves refer to the wood burning heating appliances used to keep your house warm. Traditionally people used to place these stoves away from the wall. However, there are newer models of cast iron stoves that you can place as close as eight inches from the wall. Cast Wood Iron Stoves – Different

Choosing A Wood Stove Blower That’s Right For Your Needs


Most people don’t think of investing in a wood stove blower for their wood-burning stove. Some think that a blower would not provide any benefits. Others simply don’t know what a blower is, what value it offers, or where to purchase one. This article discusses each of these things and ultimately, why you may want