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Ecological Buildings: The Green Revolution in Construction?


Why are ecological buildings better? When it comes to the design process, structural advantages, and actual construction, there is no trumping the ecological building. They captured the attention of investors and developers alike because they are a better, more cost-efficient alternative to the modern buildings we have. But what, precisely, is wrong with the modern

Solar Sheeting Promises Cheap Solar Energy Soon

‘Vast promise’: Solar panels in Los Angeles.

Solar is the ultimate renewable power source, but even though sunlight is free, solar panels have (so far) been expensive to produce and expensive to install. Many people have the impression that cheap solar energy is years away as a real possibility, but the reality is that inexpensive solar sheeting technology has been around for

Bloom Box Energy Cell Promises Affordable Self-Generating Electricity


If a little black box could provide free electrical power for your home year after year for an initial cost of only $3,000 USD and little or no maintenance expenses, would you purchase one? The latest example of energy cell technology, called a ‘Bloom Box’, claims to do just that. In many parts of the

Off-Grid Community in Taos, New Mexico Taps Green Energy Now


If you think off-grid energy independence is still decades away or that living off-grid depends on technological innovations that do not yet exist, then you probably have never heard of the Greater World Earthship Community outside of Taos, New Mexico. A severe power outage in February shut down schools and businesses across New Mexico and

Central American Electrical Interconnection System Builds Network of Wind Energy and Hydroelectric


The Central American Electrical Interconnect System (also known as SIEPAC) is banding diverse nations together to respond to rising oil and gas prices by building a new, sustainable energy grid powered by wind and hydroelectric. Over 1,800 kilometers of 230-kilovolt power line will stretch from Guatemala in the North to the nation of Panama in

How Argyle Resident Turned His Home Into a Green Power Plant


Chuck Bates, a resident of gloomy, cold Argyle NY, has turned his home into a green power plant by capitalizing on new technologies like solar power, geothermal, wind, and other alternative heating methods. Bates has invested about $104,000 so far in making his home energy-independent, and expects to break even in 14 years or less,

Looking For an Alternative Energy for Home Heating?


If you are looking for an alternative energy to heat your home with, you are not alone. In fact, in as little as 20 years, all homeowners will be looking for an alternate energy source with which to heat their home and fuel their cars. This is because the world’s currently known oil sources are