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Choosing a Solar Water Heater: Things You Should Know


When I say solar water heater, some people might envision a hot water tank or pool heating system, but what we are actually talking about here is a way to heat your home efficiently and comfortably using water and solar power. As we all know, the rising cost of home heating by traditional methods has

Solar Heating Panels Basics


Solar heating panels come in two different classifications. This is based upon the fluid that is contained within the panels themselves. The two classifications for solar panels heating are either liquid or gas. The panels are even further classified down based on the temperature collection in which they work. These are of course low, medium

Solar Pool Heaters – A Natural Solution


Solar pool heaters are beyond any other type of pool heating mechanism the best choice. While you can hook up electric models that will heat your pool’s water, the process takes a long time and within just a matter of minutes or hours, you’ll need to do it all over again. On the flip side,

Solar Water Heating Systems Basics


Most people are aware that solar power can provide electricity to run appliances and lights, and that this energy actually comes from the sun. Now, think about what happens to a shallow pool of water, or a garden hose that has been sitting in the sun for an extended amount of time: the water inside

How to Choose Solar Water Heaters


As energy costs rise and people become more aware of the ecological impact of carbon emissions, solar water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. Solar heaters are a great starting point for anyone interested in solar power but intimidated by the installation costs. Solar water heaters can be used in any climate and in any weather.

Using Solar Water Heaters to save money and a bit of the planet


Solar water heaters are an ideal way for you to save money on your home’s heating bills. Since the price of traditional energy products such as electricity, gas, propane and oil are always increasing, there is little doubt that every homeowner would not like to take full advantage of solar powered water heaters. Understanding what