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How to heat your home with solar hot water


Most people think of solar hot water as the most energy efficient way to fill up the bathtub and the washing machine, but solar hot water home heating is a green idea that is catching on fast. By installing a network of tubes under the floor of a new or existing structure, a good basic

Facts about Solar Energy


Do you know the facts about solar energy? Many people think that solar heating, solar cooking, and solar energy in general are all topics for future generations, space age ideas whose time has not yet come. Yet the facts about solar energy are nothing like that. Solar heating and cooking have been around for hundreds

How Solar Panels Help Heat and Cool Buildings


When most people think of solar power, they think of solar hot water or photovoltaic electric cells installed to defray the cost of the electricity generated by coal burning power plants, but new studies now show that passive solar cooling is also a major and unexpected benefit of installing solar roof panels. Homeowners interested in

The nuts and bolts of home solar power


The benefits of home solar power are each day clearer to governments, individuals, and businesses. Amid growing concern about increasing energy prices and the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels, many households are turning to solar energy as a source of renewable electricity. On a bright day, the sun shines nearly one thousand watts of

How do solar collectors work?


Solar collectors are essentially composed of a flat box made up of a transparent cover, an insulated back plate, and tubes containing a coolant. They work on the principle of the greenhouse effect – solar radiation that comes into contact with the surface of the collector is transmitted through it, and trapped inside the box.

Solar heating systems for your house


As energy costs rise, more and more people are looking to solar heating systems for energy-efficient heating and to provide other energy needs. There are two types of solar systems available: passive and active. What’s the difference? Both types of systems work by absorbing the sun’s heat and then releasing it to heat the home

Solar heating system’s basics


A solar heating system is a viable option to heating and cooling our homes. It is more important now then ever that we break our dependence on the use of fossil fuels. Harnessing the use of the sun will not only decrease the use of gas and propane, but it will also decrease our energy

New Solar Room Heaters Lower Energy Costs


Traditional room heaters use a lot of energy and tend not to be very efficient, but a new kind of solar room heater reduces home heating costs dramatically without using any electricity at all. The heater is made by using ordinary aluminum pop cans as heat conductors, and can be purchased from solar entrepreneurs or