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The nuts and bolts of underfloor heating


Discovering how underfloor heating may be a natural mood enhancer… For many of us, stepping out of the shower onto a cold, hard bathroom floor is a reality faced each day. We huddle in our towels and curse the cold weather, wishing that our heat would kick on to warm us. A method of heating

Radiant Floor Heating And Solar Water Heating Panels: A Natural Combination


floor heating can be an ideal way to heat your home. When you couple this with the benefits of solar water heating panels, it gets even better. If your goal is to heat your home economically as well as the most natural method for heating your home, this could be the perfect choice. Understanding how

Underfloor Heating And Solar Water Heaters – A Winning Combination


Underfloor heating can be an ideal choice for heating your home, efficiently and environmentally friendly. No matter if it is your budget that you are thinking about or the dependence on oil that most have, this type of heating is an ideal consideration for you. Homes that are heated in this manner are actually warmer,

DIY Under Floor Heating – How To Get Started


DIY under floor heating is becoming a much more popular option for home owners in recent times. While it seems complicated to install your own heating system under the floors of your home, it doesn’t have to be. Doing your own work is satisfying, and it can save you some money, too. So, if you’re

Choosing a floor furnaces


The installation of a floor furnace is a something you should consider if you are planning on revamping the heating system in your home or planning an addition to your living space. The benefits are considerable. A floor furnace is aesthetically pleasing, easy to control, energy efficient and economical and provides some health benefits as

Before You Buy a Radiant Heating System


Installing a radiant heating system should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of research that should be done to ensure that you get the right system that will complement both your home and your heating needs. Here are just a few questions that you should ask yourself before deciding which type of radiant

Radiant Heating Supplies and You


Different radiant heating supplies are needed depending on the system’s type. There are two major types of radiant heating systems that you might want to consider for your home: electric or hydronic. Both of these types of solutions can be used for many different solutions and require different supplies for the installation. Obtaining the proper

Types of heat pumps


There are two main types of heat pumps: air source and geothermal (or ground source). Air source heat pumps remove heat from outdoor air in the winter and expel heat into outdoor air in the summer. Geothermal heat pumps remove heat from the ground in the winter and transfer heat into the ground in the