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The Advantages of Propane Stoves


Propane stoves use a highly portable, concentrated, and safe fuel that has been used for years in camping stoves and outdoor BBQs. Rising electric and heating oil bills are prompting people to look for alternative heating, and propane is quickly moving into homes as a main heating fuel. Many who install a gas stove for

How to Choose a Propane Heater to Use with Biogas


A Propane heater is a portable heating unit that runs on liquified petroleum gas (also known as LP gas or propane). Propane is also the fuel of choice for many conventional whole house furnaces, especially in rural parts of the U.S. where natural gas is not yet available. (Natural gas must be piped to a

Propane Stoves for Home Heating


Most people who chose propane stoves for home heating do so for comfort. Propane is a clean and effective method of heating your home, office, workshop, or any inside space quickly and easily. Although the price of propane does rise and fall with the seasons, so the gas does tend to be pricier during the