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Climate control solar blinds

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One of the greatest problems with heating and cooling of the home or business has always been the windows. Of the heat lost in the home, 80% of that is lost through the windows. The best way as of yet to deal with this problem is to block the windows with heavy drapes or films.

The nuts and bolts of home solar power


The benefits of home solar power are each day clearer to governments, individuals, and businesses. Amid growing concern about increasing energy prices and the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels, many households are turning to solar energy as a source of renewable electricity. On a bright day, the sun shines nearly one thousand watts of

Passive solar heating basics: Understanding how it works


With appropriate calculations, passive solar heating can be a cost effective way of heating a home or other building. In most locations, the amount of solar energy that the roof of a home receives is greater than the amount of energy needed to keep it warm. In addition to that, most passive solar applications add