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The advantages of an alternative home heating system


Waste less energy to make a better world The need for an alternative home heating system grows now more than ever. After decades of using (and often wasting) the energy supply of our planet on producing more and living better, people should become aware of the fact that there are less and less natural resources

Getting the facts about popular heating equipment


Residential Furnaces and Boilers Furnaces and boilers are the most common home heating equipment nowadays. A furnace works by drawing air inside a heat exchanger, where it is warmed with a flame of natural gas, propane or fuel oil, or with heated electric coils. A blower sends the warmed air through the house via metal

Finding An Alternative To Fossil Fuel


Nowadays, many people are concerned about finding an alternative to fossil fuel in order to continue living our lives that we presently enjoy. There are so many abstract opinions about potential alternatives that one can spend a great deal of time considering all the options available to mankind. With just a small amount of research,

Creative New Sustainable Hydropower Ideas


Sustainable hydropower is undergoing alternative energy’s most dramatic transformation to date. The array of options for new low-impact sustainable hydropower systems is already dizzying, and new ideas keep coming.. Over the past five years, many familiar alternative energy technologies have undergone this kind of radical transformation. For instance, as recently as 2008, the IPCC estimated

Heating Oil Prices – Will the stuff ever get cheaper?


Heating oil prices have always been an important thing to consider. A lot of people used heating oil in order to heat their homes due to the low oil prices too. This is a petroleum based product and its prices fluctuate from year to year. The oil prices are usually a lot higher during the

Heating Oil Alternatives: What’s best?


The growing need for Heating Oil Alternatives No one knows for sure just how long the world’s supply of petroleum will last. As the global population increases, so does the demand for oil. Eventually, the demand for oil will surpass the production capabilities of existing oil fields, oil production will have reached its peak, and

What Could I Replace Home Heating Oil With?


The cost of home heating oil has surged dramatically over the past few heating seasons. Many families have seen their heating bill rise out of their reach, and some bills have even doubled in size. This is because the price of fuel oil has been steadily rising since 2002 and promises only to get higher.

The Consequences of Oil Stocks Depletion


Any way you look at it, the depletion of oil stocks has permanent negative effects on society as a whole worldwide. The United States is the number one consumer of oil in the world, with China following closely behind, and already we are starting to see the lasting effects of dependence upon oil production and