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Paris Use Extensive Sewer System for Geothermal Heat


Can geothermal energy really be extracted from sewage? If an experimental project currently taking place beneath the streets of Paris is any indication, the answer appears to be a resounding “Yes!” Under the streets of Paris winds a 1,491-mile long network of sewer tunnels. The tunnels, brightly painted and lit and hung with posters, have

How to combine heating and air conditioning


– An overview of geothermal heating and cooling – Heating and cooling in the global warming framework Heating and air conditioning systems are nowadays an important tool to consider especially because the constant global warming results in the gradual appearance of only two seasons: extremely hot summers and freezing winters. Heating and cooling systems have

Air Source Heat Pumps


When “heat pumps” are mentioned in the media, the reference is usually to geothermal, or ground source, heat pumps. A geothermal system absorbs heat from the ground and releases it in your home. But there is another type of heat pump: the air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are the original heat pump,

Geothermal Home Heating Guide


Geothermal home heating is a wonderful concept. It involves the use the heat that is stored in the earth to provide the heat for your home. Geothermal heating involves a larger start up cost than most home heating remedies; however based on its environmental friendliness as well as its lack of use of fossil fuels

What Is Geothermal Heat?


Many persons ask the question, “what is geothermal heat” and it tends to come up more so as natural gas and heating oil prices keep increasing. Most people use one of two types of heating. More than likely you use a fuel powered furnace that burns gas, oil or even propane. Or, you may use

Geothermal residential systems basics


Geothermal residential systems may sound like a complicated scientific application, but don’t worry, it is a breeze to understand and operate. Geo is a Greek word for earth, and therme in Greek means heat. Quite simply, a geothermal system removes stored energy from the earth, and uses the geothermal energy to cool and heat your

Choosing the Right Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump is a system of home heating in the winter and home cooling in the summer that uses the temperature of the earth itself to exchange both hot and cold air. Only volcanic areas of the world tap actual heat from underneath the ground, but because a heat pump uses the relatively

New Heat Pump Delivers Geothermal Efficiency Without Excavation


A new heat pump developed by Hallowell International is helping to bring geothermal energy efficiency and savings to existing construction and older homes. Until very recently, the cost of retrofitting existing and older homes for geothermal heating and cooling made upgrading to a geothermal system impractical if not impossible. With a retrofitted geothermal heating and