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Things you should know about wood stove inserts


What Are They? Wood stove inserts are inserts that will use a wood stove to heat your home. One of the main reasons for choosing an insert over a stand alone wood stove is that you enjoy the look of your fireplace. But, you may not like how much it costs to use the fireplace.

Before you buy a corn burning fireplace insert – read this!

fireplace-corn-stove Inserts

A corn burning fireplace insert is a device that you can fit into your existing fireplace structure and enjoy much economic heating. This insert works on a relatively new concept to heat your house. We have been using wood burning appliances to keep our house warm for hundreds of years. Now a new version of

Pellet Fireplace Inserts: Efficient, Environment Friendly, Convenient and Economic Heating Solutions

pellet fireplace inserts

With skyrocketing gas prices and growing concerns about depleting oil reserves, pellet fireplace inserts offer a better and safer alternative for heating solutions. Pellet inserts are more economic and convenient than gas, oil or electricity for heating solutions. Pellets are not the normal form of wood and no trees are cut to make pellets. These

Fireplace Inserts: Finding one perfect for your house


Fireplace inserts are a way of turning an inefficient, poorly working or otherwise problematic fireplace into a way to get the best use out of your chimney. For those that enjoy the beauty that their fireplace offers but would like to get some heat and possibly some fuel efficiency from it, an insert may be