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The advantages of an outdoor corn boilers


Have you considered getting an outdoor corn boiler? With heating costs rising and concern about use of petroleum for heat and energy production, it’s no wonder that more people are beginning to wonder about alternative options for heating their homes. One lesser known heating method is the corn boiler. These outdoor heaters burn renewable fuels,

Outdoor Corn Furnaces Basics


Outdoor corn furnaces are increasing in popularity as people search for ways to reduce heating costs and become less reliant on foreign oil. As prices are calculated, and decisions made, many are finding out what farmers have known for decades: corn is cheap. Corn is abundant, completely renewable, and costs less than wood or wood

Before you buy a corn burning fireplace insert – read this!

fireplace-corn-stove Inserts

A corn burning fireplace insert is a device that you can fit into your existing fireplace structure and enjoy much economic heating. This insert works on a relatively new concept to heat your house. We have been using wood burning appliances to keep our house warm for hundreds of years. Now a new version of

What should I opt for? Corn pellet stoves, something else?


Heating through corn pellet stoves or other products can be an effective and efficient way to heat your home. There are many products that can be safely burned through a home heating system such as a stove, to heat the home throughout the day and overnight hours. And, these can save you money as well.

Corn Burning Fireplace: Safe Heating Solutions


A corn burning fireplace is easy to operate and maintain. The growing concern about depleting energy resources and increasing environmental pollution has resulted in a shift from gas and oil as fuel to wood and corn as fuel for domestic heating solutions. It is a known fact that corn is an excellent source of heat.

Corn Burning Furnaces: More Economical than Wood


Corn burning furnaces are rapidly becoming a favorite among homeowners looking for alternative heating sources. These unique furnaces use an excellent fuel of biomass fuel, corn, for heating instead of a more expensive form of non-renewable resource. Whereas natural gas, propane, or coal utilizes resources that are quickly dwindling in supply and may not be

Fireplace Corn Stove Inserts: Hassle Free Heating

fireplace-corn-stove Inserts

Fireplace corn stove inserts are inserts that you can fit into your existing fireplace without affecting the existing structure. The design of those corn stove inserts makes them fit easily into all types of fireplaces without any need to alter the masonry structure of the room and the fireplace. These fireplace inserts let you use

The Benefits of a Corn Burning Stove


Home heating oil and natural gas prices both keep rising, and as result many people are exploring the benefits of owning a corn burning stove as a way of saving money and even reducing carbon emissions. Installing a corn or grain burning stove is an economical and practical way to either supplement a more expensive