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The Vita Goat Steam Boiler Cooking System


As energy becomes more expensive and scarce world wide, heating and cooking solutions designed for use in developing nations are becoming more practical for home use in industrial nations. The Vita Goat home cooking and grinding system (provides high efficiency steam boiler heat for alternative cooking, and includes a grinder for processing grain into meal,

Wood Cook Stoves – Using them in an efficient way


Wood cook stoves are the most basic in cooking and heating, using only burning wood or fossil fuels as the source of heat. In less than developed countries, this is still the most common and practical method of preparing food. More advanced countries consume more energy than that of developing nations. The latter, however, focus

How to Select a Solar Cooker


A solar cooker is a device that concentrates and uses the heat of the sun to cook food. Solar cookers are great for camping or travel because they require no heat source and are very safe and portable. A solar cooker can be as simple as a reflective sheet of lightweight metallic material that unfolds

The advantages of an Antique Cooking Stove


Move over gas stoves! The 21st century is going to be the age where we see the return of the antique cooking stove. Believe it or not this is a trend that is already being talked about by celebrity chefs on television and utilized in the big restaurants in urban cultural metropolises such as L.A.

The Many Advantages Of A Solar Oven


Take a step back and look at a solar oven. Although your first reaction may be that these ovens are simply powered by solar energy, you are not completely correct. This is not an in home oven that you’ll be using but one that is completely simply made. It can be, though, quite an energy

Step Back in Time with Wood Burning Cook Stoves


If you want to relive days gone by, look to wood burning cook stoves to heat your home and fill your belly. Although it may seem a bit odd, cooks who have used wood burning cook stoves swear the electric or gas varieties pale in comparison. Whether you are building your brand new dream home