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Go Green by Heating with Wood


Hampton wood stove fireplace insert Go Green by Heating with Wood By Marge Padgitt There is nothing like the warmth and coziness of a hearth fire for a comfortable evening at home. But with the increased prices of gas, many people think “energy efficient” first, and “ambience” last, and have turned to alternatives for heating

Candle Heater Goes “Multi-Fuel”


Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder with Electric Candle The Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder is in its third year as a cottage industry alternative energy device — and now it is not just for candles anymore. DOSS Products has invented an “electric candle” exclusively for use in the unique candle heater. The electric candle is

Cheap heat and power oxyhydrogen cogeneration


The best alternative “green” and 100% clean heating fuel could be the Oxyhydrogen gas (HHO, Browngas, hydroxy gas), obtained by water electrolysis. Its flame’s temperature is only 137 deg.C, but it can heat materials up to 6,000 deg.C. No other gas can do this. It’s a cold plasma beam, rather than a burning gas flame.