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Clean Coal Technologies and Alternative Heat


Softer grades of coal can also be burned as fuel, but are used less and less often because they produce substantial pollution in the form of sulfur and carbon dioxide. Even anthracite coal produces unacceptable levels of carbon dioxide when it is burned commercially. ‘Clean coal technology’ refers to various attempts to reduce coal emissions

Wood and Coal Stoves


Since time immemorial, people in all civilizations has been using wood and coal for producing heat for various domestic as well as commercial and industrial applications. As the civilization has advanced, we have gone from burning coal under the blue sky to using specially designed wood and coal stoves for a wide range of purposes.

Coal Furnace – Different Furnaces for Different Applications


Are considering the installation of a coal furnace? For centuries, coal has been an important fuel and even now in the age of technology, it is still an important fuel. If you want to beat the winter chill, then a coal boiler or furnace will bring warmth into your home. Before we delve into the

The Return of Coal Boilers


Coal boilers are alternative heating solutions to process hot water or to heat large areas. Before we have an understanding of that boiler type, it is necessary to have an overview of coal and its availability. Coal is probably the most abundant fossil fuel available in the United States. The history of coal mining dates

All You Need To Know About Coal Burning Stoves

coal buring stoves

Coal burning stoves are nowadays alternative heating appliances. You can use a coal stove as a fireplace insert or in a stand-alone mode depending on the type of stove model you have selected. Coal stoves are available in a large range of domestic, industrial and outdoor models in accordance with different requirements. These stoves, besides

What You Need To Know Before Buying a High-Efficiency Coal Stove


High-efficiency coal stoves for home use are beginning to appear on the market again after an absence of nearly 100 years. During the 19th century, coal burning stoves and furnaces were very, very common. Many older homes still have coal chutes or small iron doors in the foundation that open to a basement room where

Coal Stoves Buying Guide

coal stoves buying guide

Coal stoves can be a good way to heat a home. Coal has been used for many years to do just that. But, it is not always as easy to light and keep such a stove running, unless you know how to do it correctly. To help you in this regard, here are some tips