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The discreet charm of potbelly wood stoves


Potbelly wood stoves refer to the wood stoves that have a structure bulging out below the middle of the stove – the conspicuous barrel shaped body structure. These stoves are usually shorter, thicker and smaller in shape, having a round oven in the center of body. These antique wood stoves are valuable because of their

The advantages of an Antique Cooking Stove


Move over gas stoves! The 21st century is going to be the age where we see the return of the antique cooking stove. Believe it or not this is a trend that is already being talked about by celebrity chefs on television and utilized in the big restaurants in urban cultural metropolises such as L.A.

How to Find a Great Antique Kitchen Stove


With natural gas and electricity costs rising month by month, more and more people are looking to antique kitchen stoves or picking up an antique wood stove to save on utility costs and become more energy self-reliant. The center of any Victorian or early American home was its antique kitchen stove. The kitchen stove provided

Does an Antique Wood Burning Stove Fit Your Decor?


Some alternative stoves are made out of cast iron, which means that they naturally look like an antique wood burning stove. This is also means that they look great in a cottage or a chalet. A small antique stove can really warm up the look of a basement or a family room. Many artists have

Antique Wood Burning Cook Stove Basics


For some, having an antique wood burning cook stove for their décor is not only a decorative decision, but one that brings back fond memories of times past. Gone are the days where homes were heated from these wood burning cook stoves and they were the focal point of a room when families gathered around

Antique Wood Stoves: Heating In Style


Antique wood stoves are valuable not just because of their age and rarity, but also because they are as relevant today as they were a century ago. A wood stove is a heating device that you can use as a stand-alone heating equipment or use as a fireplace insert. Antique woodstoves are popular because besides

The Pot Belly Stove: A Part Of Tradition


The pot belly stove is that stove that you remember seeing in tales about the wild, wild west. It is the stove that you remember seeing in depictions of the old school house. But, today, you can heat your home through the use of an antique looking potbelly stove. No matter why you want to