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What are the benefits of grain burning stoves?


Grain burning stoves can provide excellent quality heat. That is the easy part. But, why should you switch from a wood or wood pellet stove to that of a grain stove? There are many reasons. For the most part, you will get high quality heat, heat that is hotter than wood can be. And, you

Pellet Stove Inserts vs. Pellet Stoves

pellet stove inserts

Pellet stove inserts or freestanding pellet stoves are considered a wise alternative heating solution for keeping a house warm during the winter. Both of these stoves use pressed sawdust pellets as fuel, but the difference is one based on preference and space. Also, both of these stoves can dramatically lower your energy bills by heating

Why Choose Corn Burning Stoves


When it comes to stoves using alternative forms of fuel to heat your home, consider corn burning stoves instead of other popular options, especially if you live near a farming area. Far too often, winter’s cold winds bring snow, sleet, and high energy bills. Instead of using traditional fuels to heat your home that can

Alternative fireplace – What it is,and why they’re being used


You might be thinking that if you have a gas fireplace that you already own an alternative fireplace. This used to be the general way of thinking about heating and cooking appliances in the eighties when gas seemed like a cheaper, more ecological way to heat your home without polluting the air with smoke. Since

Water stoves – Choosing one that’s right for you


Have you ever thought about water stoves? A water stove might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s actually a great way to provide heat for your home. Located outside, it can use a variety of different types of fuel, and there’ll never be any soot or debris inside the house. A water stove

Choosing a Tent Stove


A tent stove can be as simple as the lightweight, notebook-sized propane model that you use for a camping stove, or as serious as a heavy pellet or wood burning portable stove that you use for heat in an enclosed camp or cabin. Which tent stove you choose depends on your specific needs, your budget,

Pellet Stoves: Great for Alternative Fuels

pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are perfect for any individuals looking to lower their heating costs without sacrificing their homes and their families to winter’s harsh chills. As energy prices keep increasing, more and more homeowners are choosing to steer clear of traditional energy methods such as electricity, natural gas, or liquefied propane gas, and look to alternative

Propane Stoves for Home Heating


Most people who chose propane stoves for home heating do so for comfort. Propane is a clean and effective method of heating your home, office, workshop, or any inside space quickly and easily. Although the price of propane does rise and fall with the seasons, so the gas does tend to be pricier during the