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Clean Coal Technologies and Alternative Heat


According to the World Coal Institute, reserves of coal worldwide top 847 billion tons; enough to last 130 years at the current rate of production and provide more than enough fuel for alternative coal heat. Contrast that with current oil and gas reserves (currently set to last 42 years and 60 years respectively) and it

The Return of Coal Boilers


Coal boilers are alternative heating solutions to process hot water or to heat large areas. Before we have an understanding of that boiler type, it is necessary to have an overview of coal and its availability. Coal is probably the most abundant fossil fuel available in the United States. The history of coal mining dates

Efficient Alternative Heating Solutions For Your House


The rising cost of heating their homes has led many to pursue alternative heating solutions. In fact, many are using alternative energy for all of their home’s energy needs and it’s saving them a lot of money. Alternative energy is also ideal because it is clean and environmentally friendly. There are several alternative heating solutions

Wood burning stoves basics


Wood burning stoves are the most popular, flexible and economical wood heating option. They can be located almost anywhere there is enough space and where a chimney can be properly routed. A perfect installation has it located centrally in the main floor living area of the house and the flue pipe running straight up into

Biomass Energy for Dummies


Biomass energy is an alternative fuel solution the world needs to begin looking at as a different source for electricity and heating. The energy produced from biomass energy comes from the sun with the process of photosynthesis and the use of plants. There are different types of this type of energy from the use of

Hot Air Oil Furnaces and Alternative Fuels


Hot air oil furnaces typically run on the same petroleum-based diesel fuel that is used in the trucking industry. You purchase this fuel yourself at the diesel pump of any gas station if you have a diesel engine automobile. Many older homes in the Midwest and Northern East coast of the U.S. have hot air

How to Tap Alternative Energy Sources to Save Money and Reduce Carbon Emissions

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You don’t have to be a scientist to learn how to tap alternative energy sources to save money and help reduce dangerous carbon emissions that feed global warming. Many easy, affordable options already exist for everyday applications, and one or more of those options will be just right for you and your family. Geothermal heating

How to Use Biogas in Your Gas Hot Water Heater


With only minor modifications, biogas can be used to fuel a conventional tank-type gas water heater, thereby allowing the biogas home producer to get hot water ‘off the grid’. Heating your water without using nonrenewable energy sources not only saves money, it helps rid the environment of pollution caused by the run-off from livestock farming